A.M.A. Masquare Ltd Warranty

The warranty against defects is based on statutory provisions. The warranty period for the sale of new goods is limited to one year.

Defects of quality can be remedied either by removal of the defects or by replacement. In case of replacement, the consumer has to return the first sent goods to us without undue delay. If supplementary performance fails, the customer hast the right of cancellation of the contract or reduction of the purchase price.

A defect is not present when the product is free from defects upon delivery to the customer and no deviations from the contractually agreed quality or assured characteristics are shown. Defects and damages resulting from the fact that the customer or an assigned third party did not adhere to the prescribed installation guide and operating conditions and operating environment, are excluded from the warranty.

In case of unjustified claims for defects which were obvious to the customer, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable administration fee of up to €50,00. The customer is entitled to prove that lower processing costs were incurred.